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About me

Everything you need to know.

Hi, I'm Eliese, Person centred counsellor

I am a qualified Person Centred counsellor & psychotherapist practicing in Warwickshire and Northamptonshire. ​​My personal experiences and training have given me a broad understanding of life and humanity. I have gained experience in general counselling within GP surgeries and an agency which offers bereavement support. ​My areas of professional interest include; abuse, bereavement, depression, loss and trauma of war. ​I am a member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy and adhere to the BACP Framework for good practice and professional code of conduct procedure. I am committed to a confidential, non-judgemental and respectful approach, showing empathy, competence and sincerity whilst supporting my clients in finding their way through life changes.
My approach is Humanistic Person Centred Therapy underpinned by psychopathology. My work is a collaboration, I help facilitate your exploration of situations to gain understanding, clarity and change. My approach is tailored to your needs. At the end of the first session we will discuss how we choose to work together. Our sessions offer a focused time to talk freely about whatever issues you choose to work on. In the safety of a confidential, accepting and supportive environment we can reprocess your experiences, thoughts, feelings and beliefs. I work at a pace which is comfortable for you.

We may consider your presenting issues in the context of your life - past influences, experiences, significant relationships, beliefs and responses. By gaining insight into your life, your perceptions of self, others and situations will change.

Where relevant I give psycho social handouts to help inform understanding. These can be used to:

• normalize feelings during bereavement,

• understand boundaries in relationships

• provide a framework for identifying and understanding emotions

• recognize unhealthy behavior in relationships

• give a context to difficult childhoods

• build a framework for healthy communication in relationships

• build self worth

• identify beliefs which trigger anxiety or underpin depression


BA (Hons) Person Centred Counselling and Psychotherapy (University of Warwick)


• A child's View (Cruse Bereavement Care)

• Addiction, Trauma & Adverse Childhood Experiences (Psychotherapy Excellence)

• Awareness in Bereavement Care (Cruse Bereavement Care)

• Bereavement in the Armed Forces (Cruse Bereavement Care)

• Counselling and Psychotherapy with Clients who have been Abused (University of Warwick)

• Counselling and Psychotherapy with Clients who have Psychological Disorders and Mental Health Issues (University of Warwick)

• Counselling and Psychotherapy with Clients who Misuse Drugs and Alcohol (University of Warwick)

• Counselling Suicidal Clients (Dr. Andrew Reeves)

• A child's View (Cruse Bereavement Care)

• Creative Approaches to working with clients in Person-Centred Counselling and Psychotherapy (University of Warwick)

• Effective Brief Psychotherapy (Human Givens College)

• Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) Part 1&2 (Richman EMDR Training)

• Men and Therapy – Key approaches to working with Men (Psychotherapy Excellence)

• Personal Aspects of Attachment Theory (Sir Richard Bowlby)

• Post Traumatic Growth (Prof Stephen Joseph)

• Recognizing and Responding to Personality disorder (Coventry & Warwickshire Partnership NHS Trust)

• Stress and Mental Health (Human Givens College)

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• The Science of Trust and Betrayal (Dr John Gottman, Psychotherapy Excellence)

• The Body Remembers: Integrating Body and Mind for Trauma Recovery (Psychotherapy Excellence)

• Toxic shame in clinical practice (Psychotherapy Excellence)

• Traumatic Attachment and Co-Regulation: The Neurobiology of Relationship (Psychotherapy Excellence)

Benefits from talking


A sense of clarity of your current situation

Making sense

Make sense of the past.


Identify the choices you have for change.


Increase your self-awareness and ability to cope.

Self belief and worth

Gain more self-belief and self-worth, often with a sense of relief


Feel more calm and in control of your life.

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