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Process And Fees

Everything you need to know.

Our fees

Individual face to face counselling fees are £45 per session.

Telephone counselling fees are £40 per session.

Anything you tell me will be kept private, unless you or someone else is in immediate danger, full details of confidentiality will be discussed when we meet.

Duration of all sessions = 60 minutes.

All sessions are by appointment only.

Format: Short term and long term.

Clientele: Adults 18+ years.


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You have the power to start your own journey

Initial Consult

The opportunity to meet, understand and work out our best approach

One or Mulitple sessions

The frequency and content of the sessions are unique to you.

Ongoing support

On-going contact can be arranged as well as infosheets support you.

It's good to talk

Confidential relationship

Have a confidential relationship to share your inner thoughts and feelings.


Shared feelings can improve self-worth and enrich life's experience.


I'm your informed guide supporting you while you decide the route and pace.

Voyage together

A voyage of discovering the self through feelings, beliefs, values, and the meanings.

Quality relationship

A quality relationship is important, you will be heard, understood, accepted and valued.

Therapist role

The role of a therapist is not to tell you what to do, but to listen and reflect